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Nikon Closing Authorized Repair-Stations

Nikon Closing Authorized Repair-Stations| US

Nikon is adding another hurdle for its equipment users to get over.

After Nikon stopped selling parts worldwide to consumers and independent service shops in 2012.

Nikon is now closing or  “ending its relationships with all of its US Authorized Repair Stations as of March 31, 2020″.

Currently and for years prior, many of the camera companies like Nikon, contract with independent techs to work on much of the products sent to them.  The manufacturers train the techs and supply them with parts.

Your Nikon products will need to see either the New York or California service centers for any issues that require parts or service.

I wonder if that will add to their downward spiral on sales.

US customers prefer parts support for their product purchases.

Nothing can be more frustrating than to drop your camera and break a $10 battery cover. Only to find your camera needs to be sent to Factory Service for a minor part replacement.

I do remember when Nikon was the number one name in Professional Photo equipment. Now number 3 behind Canon and Sony.

Several years ago, I read an article in a Society of Photo-Equipment Technicians journal.  I believe it was an early 1970’s something issue.
Nikon Closing Authorized Repair-Stations

A group of technicians was discussing the difficulty in acquiring spare parts from the manufacturers.  SPT and National Camera among others were very active and instrumental in working with the camera manufacturers to see the part issue was changed.

SPT is currently working on the Nikon parts issue.

Perhaps the “right to work” laws currently being drafted by several states will also help change the parts and service issues.

That will not stop other…

… camera makers from silently doing the same thing as Nikon.

Olympus changed how they sell parts in the US and I have not read any news or comments about their changes. More on that soon.

So why are they doing this? I just couldn’t think of any solid reason. Then it hit me…

None of these camera companies have enough service work to keep their own in-house technical service staff busy.

If independent techs are limited by parts, which directly affects what they can repair and the Authorized Service centers are closed, there you have it…

…an increase in work for their in-house technicians.  Then they can cut the parts dept staff since they will not be fielding as many part requests. Just like Canon did 2 years ago.

Nikon Closing Authorized Repair-Stations

Also, currently and for years prior, many of the camera companies contract with independent technicians to work on much of the equipment sent to them.  The manufacturers train the techs and supply them with parts.

Interesting to see how long these changes last. In addition, the technicians I know are not really thrilled with the direction the camera business is taking.

I do not believe the customers will embrace these changes either.



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