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  • Olympus Strap Ring VH5831Olympus Strap Ring VH5831

    Olympus Strap Ring VH5831

    Genuine Olympus replacement strap ring for Olympus film or digital cameras.  Fits many other makes/models of digital and SLR film cameras. Package of 2 rings.

  • Olympus VM4149 Connect Cover | E-PM2

    Olympus VM4149 Connect Cover

    Genuine Olympus replacement connect cover/flash shoe cover for the Pen E-PM2 digital camera. Made by Olympus Japan.

  • Olympus VQ9205 Battery Cover | Silver Pen E-PM2

    Olympus VQ9205 Battery Cover

    Genuine Olympus replacement silver battery cover for the Pen E-PM2 digital camera.

  • Olympus VR5241 Movie Button | Pen E PM-2

    Olympus VR5241 Movie Button

    Genuine Olympus replacement movie button for the Pen E PM-2 digital cameras. Made by Olympus Japan.