Vintage Cameras

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Graflex Century Graphic

Graflex Century Graphic medium format folding film camera. Anniversary edition with original red bellows. Excellent condition.           Grade?                     Warranty?

Kodak Retina 1 Vintage Camera

Vintage compact folding 35mm Kodak Retina 1 Type (010) #65032. 1945-48 Schneider Kreuznach Retina Xenar 5cm 3.5 Lens. The glass is clean and clear. Some wear evident to front and back leather covers. some paint missing on back cover. The bellows are light tight. The film transport, counter and rewind operates properly. Shutter cocks and releases smoothly at all speeds.             Grade?                     Warranty?

Stekaton Wide Angle Convertor

Vintage Steky Stekaton wide angle convertor lens kit. Made in Japan. This Steky lens kit includes, wide angle lens, 2 framing masks, and case. The lens body is clean and the glass is clean clear. This item is sold as a collectable item, as described and without a warranty.             Grade?                     Warranty?

Steky IIIB Film Camera

Vintage Steky IIIB #S2847 with 2.5cm 3.5 Riken Stekinar lens. This miniature 16mm film camera is in Excellent condition. All glass is clean and clear. Some marks on the aperture ring. The shutter operates at all speeds and B. The film transport operates and the counter counts. Also included is a Stecky-Tele 40mm 5.6 tele-photo lens, 2 film cassettes, leather camera case, leather lens case for the 40mm, and 1 rear lens cap. I purchased this camera in 1981.  The leather camera case is complete though in rough shape. The leather is cracking in some places as in where the case folds down when opening. This Steky kit as a collectable item, as described and without a warranty.             Grade?                     Warranty?