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  • Carousel 8B9852 Bright Lamp Module | Kodak Carousel Projectorss
    $61.83 $49.44

    Carousel 8B9852 Bright Lamp

    Genuine Kodak replacement bright lamp module complete with new EXR lamp installed.  The slide-in unit fits all of the new style projectors 4200 series and up.

    Eastman Kodak stopped making cameras in 2012 and discontinued parts sales in 2014. Limited stock is available.

  • Carousel Focus Motor Gear | Kodak Carousel Projectors

    Carousel Focus Motor Gear

    Premium Import Kodak focus motor gear fits all the carousel focus motor shafts from the 600 through the 900 AV series.we know of. Please note: Great care must be used when pressing this gear onto the motor shaft or you can permanently damage the motor. Package of 1 gear.

  • Carousel Focus Shaft Gear | Kodak Carousel Projectors | Kodak Slide Projectors

    Carousel Focus Shaft Gear

    Premium Import Kodak focus shaft gear for all old style projectors including the 550 / 600 / 650 / 700 / 750 / 800 / 850 / Ektagraphic Series and more. Generally you will replace this gear because the old one spins freely and has split on the focus shaft. This is the gear on the focus shaft that engages the projection lens. It must be carefully pressed onto the focus shaft. Package of 1 gear.

  • Carousel Shaft Drive Gear | Kodak Carousel Projectorss

    Carousel Shaft Drive Gear

    Premium  import Kodak focus shaft drive gear fits all the old style Carousel projector 600 series through the 900 AV series. This is the gear on the focus shaft that engages the gear on the focus motor.  Usually replaced because the old one has become soft and damaged. Package of 1 gear.

  • Kodak Carousel Projector 80 Count Slide Tray USED

    Kodak Carousel 80-Count Tray

    Genuine Kodak 80 count slide tray with box.  Fits all carousel projector models.  USED Excellent condition. 16 trays are in stock.  The qty field is showing 0 stock because we do not have a way display the correct shipping for this somewhat heavy accessory. Contact us and we can send you and an invoice.