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Apollo ENX Projection Lamp

Premium Apollo ENX projection lamp. 82V 360 Watt. Made in Japan.

B & H Pilot Lamp 430076

Premium Bell & Howell #430076 projector pilot lamp for the 302 - 385 projectors. Made in the USA.

EIKO DYY Projection Lamp

Premium EIKO DYY EGH projection lamp. 120 Volt 500 Watt. Made in Japan.

ELMO ELC Projection Lamp

Premium ELMO ELC projection lamp. 24V 250 Watt. Made by Elmo Japan.

ELMO FXL Projection Lamp

Premium ELMO FXL projection lamp. 82V 410 Watt. Made by Phillips Japan.

EXR Projection Lamp

Premium ESP projection lamp. 82V 300Watt. Made in Japan.   Use the option to choose USHIO or OSRAM products.
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Fuji CBJ Projection Lamp

Premium FUJI CBJ projection lamp. 120 Volt 75 Watt. Made in Japan.

Fuji CYC Projection Lamp

Premium FUJI CYC projection lamp. 120 Volt 300 Watt. Made in Japan.

General Electric BAK Exciter Lamp

Premium General Electric BAK exciter or sound reproducer lamp. 4 volt .75 Amp. The most common application is for 16mm sound film projectors. Made in the USA.

General Electric BBA Photoflood

Premium General Electric BBA Photoflood. 120Volt 250Watt 3200K. Made the USA.

General Electric BCA Photoflood

Premium General Electric BCA Photoflood. 120Volt 250Watt 4800K. Made the USA.

General Electric BLC Projection Lamp

Premium General Electric BLC projection lamp. 115-125 Volt 30 Watt. Made in Japan.