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  • USCamera Yashica Battery Cover 065930USC

    USCamera Yashica Battery Cover 065930USC

    USCamera import battery cover fits the Contax 139, Cosina SLRs, Kalimar K90, Vivitar V2000 / V3000s / V3800N and Yashica FXD / FX103. Currently this part is out of stock.

  • Yashica BC Lock Rivet 6M507Yashica BC Lock Rivet 6M507

    Yashica BC Lock Rivet 6M507

    Genuine Yashica Back Cover Lock Rivet for the camera body casting.  This part screws to the bottom of the camera. Why does Yashica call this part a rivet? This part engages the back cover lock arm to secure the back cover assembly. Used part. EX condition.


    Screws are one of the most needed parts when servicing imaging equipment. They can be easily minimized but are one of the most single important parts when assembling imaging equipment.  Screws keep the equipment secure so extremely tight tolerances can be maintained. Screws can be damaged or lost during service.  Manufacturers recommend replacing certain screws when they are removed. Many screws manufactured for cameras and other imaging equipment are specifically made for certain applications. We stock screws made of many different types of materials, coatings, finishes, hardness, color and more.

  • Yashica Contax TLA 20 TLA 30 Flash Shoe Foot S40698400

    Yashica Contax TLA 20 TLA 30 Flash Shoe Foot S40698400

    Genuine Yashica replacement flash shoe foot TLA 20 TLA 30 flash unit.

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