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  • Olympus CB1587 Focusing Screen | OM1 | OM2 | OM4

    Olympus CB1587 Focusing Screen

    Genuine Olympus replacement focusing screen for the OM1 / OM2 and OM4 film cameras. This screen has the horizontal split with the outer area microprism that clears when the focus is sharp. Made by Olympus Japan.

  • Olympus CF4720 Rear Cover USED | AZ 330 Super Zoom | Infinity Super Zoom 330

    Olympus CF4720 Rear Cover

    Genuine Olympus USED rear cover assembly for the Super Zoom 330 film camera.  Replacement of this cover is usually required when the eyepiece diopter adjustment is broken.  This used cover is in excellent condition.

  • Olympus CF6051 Battery Cover USED | Infinity Zoom 230

    Olympus CF6051 Battery Cover

    Genuine Olympus replacement battery cover for the Infinity Zoom 230 film camera. Made by Olympus Japan.