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Custom Camera Service – Minolta XK

USCamera Pro Service for your Minolta XK. Checks include film plane exposure, meter indication, and shutter accuracy check for your camera. In manual mode, check all dialed shutters speeds for accuracy within factory tolerances. Then based on the meter indication shown at various calibrated light values, different  shutter speed/aperture combinations are set and checking the exposure at the film plane will confirm the meter's accuracy. Lastly your camera was checked for exposure accuracy in Auto mode at various light levels. A MD Rokkor X 50 1.4 lens was used for all exposure tests. All checks showed your equipment operates within factory tolerances at this time   Service performed. The finder and Focusing screen assy was removed before service. No other disassembly was performed. Removal of old foam and residuals including 2 mirror cushions, 1 finder rest cushion, 2 back cover channel seals, 2 camera body channel seals, and 1 body hinge seal. Installation of new 8-piece black open cell foam seals were installed. Your battery cover showed signs of corrosion and scratches. I cleaned the battery cover best as possible. Price shown includes $10.00 of the equipment shipping charge.   Thanks for using USCamera for your equipment service.   Please leave us a comment in review tab of this page below.

Minolta 031-0402-01 Battery Cover

Genuine Minolta USED battery cover for the SRT Series film cameras. Most of these are clean in EX condition. The image shown is a sample from our inventory. Made by Minolta Japan.   This is the first style of the battery cover.  It has knurled/raised surface to give your finger some surface friction to help in removing the cover. The 2nd style battery cover, used on later models, is slotted for a coin to aid in removal.

Minolta 031-1074 Index Mark

Genuine Minolta replacement lens index mark for the SRT film cameras.  This part is commonly called the "red dot" where you align the lens to the camera body.  While filling in the index mark collar with red finger nail polish will give you a red index mark on your SRT, nothing looks like a factory index mark.

Minolta 031-1075-01 Lens Lock

Genuine Minolta USED lens lock knob for the SRT film cameras. Excellent condition.

Minolta 2005-0332 Film Spool

Genuine Minolta replacement film take-up spool for the XD Series film cameras. Made by Minolta Japan.

Minolta 2017-0132 Top Cover

Genuine Minolta replacement top cover assembly for the X700 film cameras. Made by Minolta Japan.

Minolta 2017-0402-07 Main FPC

Genuine Minolta replacement main FPC assembly for the X700 film cameras. Made by Minolta Japan.

Minolta 2017-0418-01 Battery Cover X-700

Genuine Minolta battery cover for the X-700, X7A, X9, X-300, X-300X, X-370, X-370N, X-370S, X-500, X-570, X-570N, X-600, XE, XE-1, XE-7, XG, XG-A, XG-M, XG-SE, XG 1, XG 1n, XG 7, and XG 9 film cameras. Made by Minolta Japan.   Use option to select New or USED part.

Minolta 2017-1346-01 Rewind Knob

Genuine Minolta replacement rewind knob body for the X700 film cameras. If you also need the rewind knob retaining screw, it is available here.

Minolta 2019-0130-25 Top Cover

Genuine Minolta replacement top cover assembly for the XGM film cameras. Two types of these cover are available.  Type 1 cover has a screw at the on the side of the cover at the rewind end.  This is the Type 1 cover, noted by the -25 at the end of the part number.  We do not have stock on the Type 2 cover.

Minolta 2019-3311-02 Retaining Screw

Genuine Minolta rewind knob retaining screw for the X700 film cameras and other Minolta imaging products. Package of 1 screw. Made by Minolta Japan.

Minolta 2024-1346-01 Rewind Knob

Genuine Minolta replacement rewind knob assembly for the X370, X370s, X570, and the X700 film cameras. Sold exactly as pictured. Made by Minolta Japan. If you also need the rewind knob retaining screw, it is available here.