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  • Canon Battery Grip BG-E6Canon Battery Grip BG-E6

    Canon Battery Grip BG-E6

    Canon BG-E6 battery grip for the EOS 5D MK II.


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  • Canon BT-55 Lens Hood

    Canon BT-55 Lens Hood

    CANON BT-55 lens hood for the FD 85 1.8, FD 100 2.8, and FD 135 3.5 breech mount lenses. USED Excellent – condition.


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  • CANON E Lens Case 5.75"CANON E Lens Case 5.75"

    Canon E Lens Case 5.75″

    CANON E Lens Case 5.75″ long for lenses such as FD 100 2.8, FD 135 3.5 plus other lenses of similar length and diameter. The foam inside the case was bad and removed by the previous  owner. USED Excellent condition.


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  • Canon ET-54 Lens Hood

    Canon ET-54 Lens Hood

    Genuine CANON ET-54 lens hood for the EF 55-200mm 4.5-5.6, and the 80-200mm 4.5-5.6 II lenses. NEW condition, packaged as received from Canon USA.


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  • Canon Speedlite 155A FlashCanon Speedlite 155A Flash

    Canon Speedlite 155A Flash

    Genuine CANON Speedlite 155A for Canon A Series of film cameras.


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    General Flash Information

    • Brand                                    Canon
    • Model                                    Speedlite 155A Auto
    • Battery Required                 4 x AA
    • Guide #                                 56 ASA 100, 10 Ft
    • Auto Modes                          2
    • Dedication                            Auto Sync Speed Setting
    • Max Auto Range                  49 ft
    • Tilt                                          None
  • Circular Polarizer Millenia FiltersCircular Polarizer Millenia Filters

    Circular Polarizer Millenia Filters

    New Millenia Circular Polarizer filter. These filters were distributed by Photo Co of Ohio and quickly became one of the most popular filters we sold. Made of the finest solid optical glass. Then heat treated, ground and polished to eliminate any distortion or focal shift. Plus Millenia uses precision made double threaded metal rings for precise alignment. Brand new old stock.


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  • Kodak Carousel Projector 80 Count Slide Tray USED

    GAF Sawyers Slide Tray-100

    Genuine GAF SAWYERS 100 count slide tray with box. Fits all GAF Sawyers projectors accepting round trays. USED Excellent condition. Made in the USA.

    Shipping limited to the USA for this item. Additional shipping charges apply. Each tray weighs almost 1.2 lbs.


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  • Kalimar UV Haze Filters

    Kalimar UV Haze Filters

    Brand New Kalimar Ultra-Violet or UV Haze filter. These filters were distributed by Kalimar of Corporation of Missouri and were a very popular filter. Made in Japan using the finest quality coatings, solid optical glass, and threaded metal retaining rings. Brand new old stock.


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  • Minolta 49mm Reverse Adapter | All Lenses with 49mm Filter Frame

    Minolta 49mm Reverse Adapter

    Genuine Minolta 49mm metal lens reverse adapter. Nothing beats the manufacturing quality of equipment and accessories made by the camera companies in the late 60’s through the early 80’s. Premium used accessory fits Minolta and most other lenses accepting 49mm filters. When reverse mounting your lens, it gives you a very nice “poor man’s” macro and  close focusing capability. Excellent USED condition. Made by Minolta Japan.


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