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First of all, we have many part numbers in stock.

The most asked for parts include cover parts, screws, battery covers, sync covers, flash shoes, shoe plate springs, lens mounts.

Plus zoom rings, pin-faced screws, wind levers, focus screens, winding gears, filter frames and name rings.

Also, camera body leather, rewind knobs, zoom grips, filters, lens caps, rewind levers, SD card doors and more.

USCamera also makes light seal kits for over 100 film cameras. Shop all Pentax light seals kits.

We can install any camera light seal kit we sell. Also, we can custom cut and install light seal material in most any film camera or accessory such as film backs.

Of course, we have photo grade foam in sheets, the same foam used in our light seal kits.  You may also see our foam sheets, cut strips, and all light seal kits in stock.

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Canon CG1-0815 Rewind Knob

USCamera Import rewind knob assembly also fits Canon AE-1, Pentax  K1000 (Old), KM, KX, Spotmatic Series, Vivitar A3000,  and the A3800 film cameras. Metal knob in chrome finish.  These knobs are not the quality of a Canon part, however it is metal and fits the rewind shaft properly. These only rewind knobs I have found new. Only 1 left. Made in China for USCamera.

Canon XA1-4170-256 Screws

Genuine Canon screws for EF lenses including the EF 300 2.8L IS USM, EF 500 4.0L IS USM and others. Package of 2 screws. Made by Canon Japan.

Canon XA9-1392 Screws

Genuine Canon screws for the EF-S 55-250 4-5.6 IS STM and other EF, EF-S, EOS cameras and lenses. Package of 2 screws. Made by Canon Japan.

Elna 350ua 330V Capacitor

Elna 350ua 330V capacitor for shoe mount flash units by Achiever, Canon, Contax, Kalimar, Metz, Minolta, Nikon, Sunpak, Vivitar, Yashica, and many more. Used part, tested, professionally removed. Same warranty as new. Made in Japan.

Pentax 1-061181 Set Screw

Genuine Pentax counter dial cover set screw for the Old Style K1000, New Style K1000, KM, KX, Spotmatic series film cameras, and other Pentax imaging products. Package of 1 screw.  Made by Pentax Japan.

Pentax 230-2-0C35 Wind-Up Lever

Genuine Pentax wind-up lever seat assembly for the S1, S2a, S3, and the Repronar. This part may fit the SV however I do not have that camera to verify fit. Brand new part. This seat is sold with the return spring wound-up on the seat with a keeper and test wind lever to hold the assembly together during shipping and installation. Part sold as pictured. Made by Pentax Japan. IMPORTANT. DO NOT REMOVE THE SCREWS HOLDING THE WIND LEVER TO THE SEAT UNTIL YOU INSTALL THE UNIT ON THE CAMERA. THE SPRING IS WOUND UP AND WILL UNWIND WITH SOME FORCE AND POSSIBLY CUT YOUR FINGERS. You need to look carefully at the way the winding seat fits on your camera.  My advice is to practice removing and installing the old part on your camera first. Some instructions in the service manual address the removal of this part from the camera, here.

Pentax 230-2-C03 Wind Lever

Genuine Pentax wind lever assembly for the S3 film cameras. Assembly = more than 1 part. This assembly includes the wind lever, counter actuator spring, and 2 actuator spring lug screws. New old stock part in Excellent condition. Sold as pictured. Made by Pentax Japan.

Pentax 231-B62 Mirror Checker

Genuine Pentax mirror checker spring for the early model Pentax, Asahi, and Honeywell Spotmatic film cameras.  This spring holds the mirror against the rest stop. This spring is broken if you turn the camera upside down and mirror flops down. Made by Pentax Japan.

Pentax 23102-0-3034 Wind-Seat Assembly

Original price was: $18.60.Current price is: $14.21.
Genuine Pentax wind seat assembly for the K1000 old-style, KM, KX, and Spotmatic film cameras. Assembly = more than 1 part. This assembly includes the wind seat, wind coupling pawls, pawl springs, pawl rivets, wind seat return spring, and return spring retaining screw.  Sold as pictured. Made by Pentax Japan.

Pentax 23102-03006 Retainer Spring

Genuine Pentax rapid wind lever retainer spring. USED in EX condition. Made by Pentax Japan. Please note: Spotmatic part # 23102-03306 replaces Pentax part numbers 231-C06, 23110-C6 and 23707-C306.

Pentax 23102-08046 Self-Timer Lever

Genuine Pentax self-timer lever for the Electro-Spotmatic, Spotmatic, ES, ES II, F, II, IIa, SP, 500, and the Spotmatic 1000 film cameras. Used part in Excellent condition. Sold as pictured. Made by Pentax Japan.

Pentax 23102-1020 Latch Lever Spring

Genuine Pentax back cover latch lever spring fits all K1000 old bodies, and all Spotmatic models including Spotmatic, Spotmatic F, SP, SP 500, SP 1000, SP II, and SP IIa film cameras. Made by Pentax Japan.