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  • Cibachrome Motor BaseCibachrome Motor Base

    Cibachrome Motor Base

    Cibichrome processing drum motor base with box. Works properly. Excellent minus condition.

  • Kodak Darkroom Lamp Model A | OC Filter | 15 Watt Bulb

    Kodak Darkroom Lamp Model A

    Vintage Kodak Model A darkroom lamp assembly complete with OC filter and 15 watt Sylvania lamp. Excellent condition.


  • Premier Darkroom Safelight SL5

    Premier Darkroom Safelight SL5

    New Premier SL5 Multi-Purpose darkroom safelight set.  This can also be used as a small transparency viewer or retouching table. This set includes lamp housing assembly complete, front filter frame, Amber filter, 15 watt bulb, power cord with switch, instructions and all factory packaging. This item was a display or demo unit, never sold to a customer. Made in the USA.

  • Premier Large Dial ThermometerPremier Large Dial Thermometer

    Premier Large Dial Thermometer

    New Premier large dial adjustable darkroom thermometer.

    • Easy to read
    • Luminescent face, Large 2.5 ” 63mm Hermetically Sealed Dial
    • 8″ 203mm Stem
    • Stem clip
    • Adjustment tool