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  • Nikon 1B060-027 Metering FPC | FM2n

    Nikon 1B060-027 Metering FPC

    Genuine Nikon New main metering FPC assembly for the Nikon FM2n film camera. Made by Nikon Japan.

  • Nikon 1B060-513 Shutter Unit | N90 | N90S

    Nikon 1B060-513 Shutter Unit

    Genuine Nikon replacement shutter assembly for the N90 and N90S film camera. Made by Nikon Japan.

  • Nikon 1B998-485 Front Rubber-Grip Rewind Side | F5

    Nikon 1B998-485 Front Rubber-Grip

    Genuine Nikon replacement rewind side front rubber grip for the F5 film camera.

  • Nikon 1B999-151 Film-Advance Mechanism | N8008 | N8008sNikon 1B999-151 Film-Advance Mechanism | N8008 | N8008s
    $17.65 $12.36

    Nikon 1B999-151 Film-Advance Mechanism

    Genuine Nikon film advance mechanism plate for the Nikon N8008 and N8008s film cameras. Made by Nikon Japan.

  • Nikon 1K115-198 Leatherette Cover | FE | FE2 | FM | FM2 | FM2n | FM2T

    Nikon 1K115-198 Leatherette Cover

    Genuine Nikon film advance lever retaining cap screw leatherette for FE, FE2, FM, FM2, FM2n, and the FM2T film cameras. Made by Nikon Japan.

  • Nikon 1K225-193 Aperture Ring-Spring | N90 | N90s | N8008 | N8008s Film Cameras

    Nikon 1K225-193 Aperture Ring-Spring

    Genuine Nikon replacement aperture ring return spring for the N8008, N8008s, N90 and N90s film cameras. Made by Nikon Japan.

  • Nikon 1K467-016 Sync Cover | Nikon Film camera Spares

    Nikon 1K467-016 Sync Cover

    Genuine Nikon old style flash sync terminal cover. Fits all Nikon digital-film cameras we know of using a screw-in terminal cover including Coolpix 950, Coolpix 990, D1, D1X, D100, D2Hs, D2Xs, D200, D3, D5, D300, D40, D40X, D70, D70s, D80, F2, F4, FA, FE, FE2, FM, FM2, FN2n, FM2 T, N90, N90s and more. This cover has a knurled ribbed finish.  Package of 1 flash sync terminal cover. Made by Nikon Japan

  • Nikon 1K467-042 Remote Cover | Vintage Nikon | MD4 | MD11 | MD12 | N70 | N8008

    Nikon 1K467-042USC Remote Cover

    Import Nikon replacement remote release terminal cover made for the MD4, MD11, MD12, N70, and the N8008 film cameras. Premium quality USCamera made import part. Well made, very difficult to see the difference from the original. Made by USCamera China.

  • Nikon N70 Back Cover Assembly (1K670-189)Nikon 1K670-189 Back Cover Assembly | N70

    Nikon 1K670-189 Back Cover

    Genuine Nikon back cover assembly for the N70 film cameras.  We will supply a new film reminder window and new film reminder window foam with this new back cover.  Please note you must transfer the film pressure plate, film roller assembly and related parts from your old back cover to the replacement cover shell. Made by Nikon Japan.