Light Seal Kit Placement Guides


Canon CM1-6482-USC LCD Monitor

USCamera Import LCD monitor assembly including the backlight assembly for the PowerShot S95 digital camera. Made in China for USCamera.

Canon EOS 7D Cable Cover CG2-2637-200


Genuine Canon EOS 7D cable cover for the bottom cover. Package of 1 cover. Sold as pictured. Made by USCamera China.

Spanner Wrench – Fixed Tips

USCamera import bar spanner wrench used when servicing cameras, lenses, and other fine instruments. Quality stainless steel construction. This tool has the non-interchangeable fixed tips as shown. When using the fine tips, the working distance is 10mm - 100mm. The slotted tips are 3mm wide. Also included is 1 allen wrench, and 4 allen head screws that can be used replace the knurled lock screws already installed. Made by USCamera China.

TS-10 Straight Tip Tweezers

Vetus by Peakwin TS-10 quality Stainless Steel, Non-Magnetic technicians Fine Instrument Straight Tip Tweezers. These tweezers are approximately 180mm long. Somewhat shorter than many tweezers and are good choice for smaller hands. Made in China.

Nikon 1B314-051 Shutter Charge Lever

Genuine Nikon shutter charge lever for the FE2, FM2, FM2n, and FM2/T 35mm film cameras. Package of 1 lever. Sold as pictured. Made by Nikon Japan. Limited stock available.

Miranda G Owners Manual

USCamera Digital presentation of a genuine Miranda G film camera owners manual. Premium quality 1st generation High-Resolution black and white scans from an original manual with a Color front cover. Much easier to read and better contrast than most downloads. Easy 400% magnification. Download available immediately after payment is accepted. 2 download limit for the file(s) purchased never expires. Make sure your download is delivered smoothly and hassle free. Make a user account when checking out. More information on that here. 64-page PDF 23.3 MB Miranda G Owners Manual