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  • Manfrotto Accessory Mounting Plate (785PL-14)

    Manfrotto Accessory Mounting Plate 785PL-14

    Genuine Bogen Manfrotto 785PL-14 accessory plate with 1/4-20″ screw for the 715B / 715SHB / 718B / 718SHB / 7321YB / 785B / 785SHB / MH293A3RC1 / MK393H / NGTT1 / NGTT2.

  • Manfrotto Accessory Plate 410PL

    Manfrotto Accessory Plate 410PL

    Genuine Bogen Manfrotto 410PL accessory plate with 1/4-20″ and 3/8″ screws 329RC4, 354, 394, 405, 410, 468MGRC4, 468RC4, 488RC4, 490RC4, 498RC4, 808RC4, MH055M0-RC4 and MH057M0-RC4. Made by Manfrotto Italy.


  • Manfrotto Accessory Plate (501PL)

    Manfrotto Accessory Plate 501PL

    Genuine Bogen Manfrotto 501PL-14 accessory plate with 1/4-20″ and 3/8″ screws fits the 468MGRC5 / 501 / 501HDV / 503 / 503HDV / 519 / 561BHDV / 577 / 701HDV.

  • Manfrotto ASM Anello E O-Ring R488,04

    Manfrotto ASM Anello E O Ring R488,04

    Genuine Manfrotto replacement ASM Anello E O ring for the 488RC0, 488RC2, 488RC4, 488. Made by Manfrotto Italy.

    488RC0, 488RC2, 488RC4, 488


  • Manfrotto ASM Bushings R190,616

    Manfrotto ASM Bushings R190,616

    Genuine Manfrotto replacement ASM bushings for the 190CX3 / 190CXPRO3 / 190CXPRO4 /  190CXPRO4B / 190CXV3 / 756CX3. Package of 3 pair, services 1 leg assembly.

  • Manfrotto Asm Hook R458,39

    Manfrotto Asm Hook R458,39

    Genuine Manfrotto Asm Hook for the 055CL, 055CLB, 055CX3, 055CXPRO3, 055CXPRO4, 055CXV3, 055D, 055DB, 055MF3, 055MF4, 055MFV, 055NAT3, 055PRO, 055PROB, 055V, 055WNB, 055XB, 055XDB / 055XPROB, 055XV, 055XWNB, 190CL, 190CLB, 190CX3, 190CXPRO3, 190CXPRO4, 190CXPRO4B, 190CXV3, 190D, 190DB / 190MF3, 190MF4 / 190MFV, 190NAT3, 190PRO, 190PROB, 190PROBWORLDCUP, 190, 190XB, 190XDB, 190XPROB, 190XV, 190XWNB, 458B, 745B, 745MF3, 745XB, 755B, 755CX3, 755MF3, 755XB, 756B, 756CX3, 756MF3, 756XB, NGET1, NGET2. Made by Manfrotto Italy.


  • Manfrotto ASM Hook R533,07

    Manfrotto ASM Hook R533.07

    Genuine Bogen Manfrotto replacement ASM hook set.  This hook set is sold as pictured. Includes hook, spring and and stopper. Fits 357SPRB and 547B. This part has been discontinued by Manfrotto.

  • Manfrotto ASM Knob R498,13

    Manfrotto ASM Knob R498,13

    Genuine Manfrotto replacement ASM Knob for the 498 / 498RC2 / 498RC4

  • Manfrotto ASM Lever Kit R780,28

    Manfrotto ASM Lever Kit R780,28

    Genuine Bogen Manfrotto replacement ASM lever kit for the  715B / 715SHB