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  • Pentax 231-B62 Mirror Checker Spring | Old Spotmatic

    Pentax 231-B62 Mirror Checker

    Genuine Pentax replacement mirror checker spring for the early model Pentax, Ashai and Honeywell Spotmatic film cameras.  This spring holds the mirror against the rest stop. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23102-1056 Front Leatherette Left | Spotmatic

    Pentax 23102-1056 Front Leatherette

    Genuine Pentax replacement left front leatherette for the Spotmatic series film cameras. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23102-1057 Front Leatherette Right | Spotmatic

    Pentax 23102-1057 Front Leatherette

    Genuine Pentax replacement right front leatherette for the Spotmatic series film cameras. Please note, this leatherette fits Spotmatic camera with a self-timer. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23110-0-A17 Battery Contact | Spotmatic F

    Pentax 23110-0-A17 Battery Contact

    Genuine Pentax replacement battery contact assembly for the Spotmatic F film camera. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23700-0A007 Cassette Receptacle | K1000 Old | KX | KM | Spotmatic

    Pentax 23700-0A007 Cassette Receptacle

    Genuine Pentax replacement film cassette receptacle for the K1000, KX, KM, the and Spotmatic series film cameras. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23701-0A17 Strap Hook | K1000 Old | K2 | KM | KX | Film CamerasPentax 23701-0A17 Strap Hook | K1000 Old | K2 | KM | KX | Film Cameras

    Pentax 23701-0A17 Strap Hook

    Genuine Pentax replacement strap hook fits K1000 Old, K2, KM, and the KX film cameras. Made by Pentax Japan. Package of 2 strap hooks.

  • Pentax 23701-L3 Ground Glass | K1000 Old | KM | KX | Spotmatic

    Pentax 23701-L3 Ground Glass

    Genuine Pentax replacement ground glass screen for the K1000 Old, KM, KX, Spotmatic, SP500, SP, SP1000, SPII, and the SP IIa film cameras. Last sold by Pentax as part number 23701-L3 also interchanges with Spotmatic part # 23102-12003. Please note the old style focusing screen system in the Pentax K1000 and similar models use 2 parts that make up the focusing system.  The ground glass and the fresnel lens below that. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23704-0C042 Main Wind Gear K1000 Old | Spotmatic | ES Parts

    Pentax 23704-0C042 Wind Gear

    Genuine Pentax replacement main wind gear for the ES, Electro Spotmatic, K1000 Old, Spotmatic, Spotmatic SP/SP 500, Spotmatic SP II/IIa, Spotmatic F, KX, and the KM film cameras. Package of 1 gear. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23701-0C301 Wind Lever Assembly

    Pentax 23704-0C301 Wind Lever

    Genuine Pentax replacement wind lever assembly for the Old Style K1000, New Style K1000 KM, KX, and the Spotmatic film cameras. This assembly includes the wind lever, wind lever thumb rest and the thumb rest retaining screw. Made by Pentax Japan.