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Davis & Sanford Brass Quick Release

Genuine Davis & Sanford brass quick release plate with 1/4-20 attachment screw. Made by Tiffen USA.

Davis & Sanford G10 QRP

Genuine Davis & Sanford quick release plate for the G10 head with 1/4-20 attachment screw with removable locator pin. Made by Tiffen USA.

Import Tripod 1/4-20 Thread Adapter

Premium Import tripod thread adapter.  Converts large European 3/8" to 1/4-20" small tripod thread adapter. Made by Brandess Kalt.

Pentax-110 37.5mm Lens Cap

Pentax-110 37.5mm lens cap for the 50mm 2.8 lens. Made by Pentax Japan.

Velbon Quick Release Platform QB-5RL

Genuine Velbon quick-release camera platform QB-5RL with retractable camera alignment pin and 1/4-20" tripod thread adapter fitting the Vel-Flo 7 (PH-358), CX-586, and the Videomate 538/F. Made by Velbon Japan.   Velbon Quick Release Platform QB-5RL | Vel-Flo PH-358 | CX-586 | Videomate 538/F