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Broken Nikkormat Battery Covers

Broken Nikkormat Battery Covers | How Does This Happen

Clockwise Rotation Required
Broken Nikkormat Battery Covers

First of all, the battery cover is cast brass, tempered for hardness then the finish is applied.

Tempered brass is strong but brittle.

The Nikkormat battery cover has 2 locking-tabs inside for a friction fit.

As the battery cover is attached to the camera and turned counter-clockwise you can feel it tighten up.

If you will look carefully at the battery cover.  The arrow engraved on the cover shows the direction for removal, “clockwise” rotation.

Many, many users assume “counter-clockwise” rotation is correct.

Excessive force in a counter-clockwise direction will usually crack the locking tabs or deform them. Now battery cover will be loose when installed.

If you try and straighten the tabs they will just break right off.

Most other battery covers and screws are removed by turning them counter-clockwise.  That is kind of stuck in our heads.

So when we grab our Nikkormat F, FT, FTn and the meter is not working, turn the camera over and carefully turn the battery cover clockwise to remove it.

Sometimes You Also Have to Remove the Bottom Cover

Several customers have contacted me asking how to remove a Nikkormat battery cover that just “spins around” or is stuck or jammed and doesn’t turn at all.

Also, you will need a slotted screwdriver that fits the 2 bottom cover screws to remove the cover.  Use care. Note… the rewind button will be loose and want to fall off as the cover keeps it in place.

Then you can turn the bottom over and see what issue is preventing you from removing the battery cover.

It is really easy and straight forward to line up the tabs to clear the cover opening, then push the cover off from the inside.

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