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Hasselblad Film-Back Light Leaks

Servicing Hasselblad Equipment

Film Back Light Seal Replacement

Please read all of the instructions before starting this service.

To easily perform this service you will need a clean, well-lit work area, a pair of technicians tweezers and a small slotted screwdriver. 

Tech Note: I would use some soft padding to prevent marring the finish of the opposite side of the film back when removing the outer plate retaining screws. Sometimes it is necessary to press the screwdriver tip firmly into the screw slot when removing stubborn screws.


1st remove the dark slide. You will want to leave the roll holder in the shell.  You will be applying downward pressure when removing the screws, keeping the roll holder in place prevents you from distorting the shell.

Remove the 9 outer plate retaining screws. Note: Many times these screws are bonded slightly with a thread lock. It is very important to use a screwdriver tip that fits the slot properly.  You do not want to damage the screw slot. These screws are very difficult to remove when the head is damaged.




Carefully lift up on the outer plate to expose the light seal set underneath.Use care when removing the outer plate, you can dislodge the following parts,

#1 latch  blocking spring
#4 exposure lock lever
#5 exposure lock lever spring
#6 adjustment shims

Some film backs don’t have shims, however if shims are present it is desirable to keep their placement as from the factory.

You are replacing the mylar foil # 3 and light seal foam # 2.  Fold the plastic foil on the crease slightly, insert the foam between it and install the new seal set in position as shown on the left.

Replace and carefully seat the outer plate and replace the 9 screws.


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