USPS Tracking Update Issues

USPS Tracking Update Issues | As of  August 2022

I wrote this page because the number of customer inquiries about tracking their purchases has grown substantially in the last few months.
My opinion of the USPS performance is a C minus.
I truly hope somehow someday the postal service in the US will be taken over by a private company and operated like most other profitable businesses.
USCamera continues to deliver some packages to the USPS offices listed here, however, most are picked up in the morning and afternoon by USPS carriers Mondays – Friday.

If you have questions about tracking your package read on.

The USPS appears to be leaning on the COVID virus strains and staff shortages as 1st class parcel packages tracking updates are delayed throughout the US. We only see 1 or 2 per thousand shipments delayed as long as 3 weeks.
I can only relay the information I observed personally from the 2 USPS facilities we use every day. Those would be the Centennial branch at 80122 and the Highlands Ranch branch at 80130.
The postal staff has always been very accommodating and helps us any way they can.
When I call the national USPS numbers, I’ve listened to “please be patient as we are …”

So this what I see…
I noticed tracking information updates started to change somewhat around November of 2019.
Other business associates I know who are using the USPS say it was quite sometime before that date.

USPS Tracking Update Issues

This pattern applies in the updating of tracking information for almost all of what the USPS calls “First-Class Mail® Parcel service (2-5 days) “.
The updating of most Priority Mail and Express mail services can be delayed, though only by a few hours.
More than half the time, 1st class packages are no longer scanned before they leave the above USPS post offices on the way to a sorting facility.
That’s when you may see… “Your package is on its way to a USPS facility” for a few days after the USPS has possession of the package.
Other times tracking may show ” Your package is moving within the USPS network and is on track to be delivered” or no history at all other than a delivery scan.
For years, all packages leaving the offices listed above were first received at “USPS Regional Origin Facility DENVER CO NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER”.
That info was noted as such in the tracking history. Most of the time within 12 hours of the USPS receiving the parcel.
Now, for shipments within Colorado, I see sometimes … “your item arrived at our USPS facility in SAINT PAUL, MN”.
Other times “arrived at our USPS facility in PORTLAND, OR 97215” or other facilities when shipped from Centennial to a Colorado destination.
Looks like that is a roundabout way to deliver a package from a Colorado post office to a Colorado address.
Most of the time, prior to last year, Colorado deliveries had 2 day transit times.
I do see other international or domestic packages traveling to their final destinations are delayed in the same way.

My hope is this information gives you some insight into the shipping of your purchase and answers some of the questions you may have.
These delays are not caused by USCamera and we have no influence on the USPS in any way.
We just wait and 99.9 % of the packages shipped make it to their destinations.
I could go on however, I just wanted to give our customers a heads up on what I saw was happening with USPS shipping.

As always your comments are always invited and welcome.


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4 thoughts on “USPS Tracking Update Issues

  1. Henders Haggerty says:

    Wow Gary , you are right about USPS , it’s kinda sad ? I almost requested you did fedex or UPS , I wish I had since my cables might not make it here before I leave , but anyhow it’s not your fault , commend your for explaining this to your customers

    1. Gray says:

      I was glad you found that shipping information. I wondered when customers have issues with the USPS if they see that shipping page. We keep it updated. Thanks again for letting me know. Gray.

  2. Shauntel says:

    Unfortunately, I still haven’t received the package I ordered from US Camera. I thought it would finally arrive on September 1st, then it changed and said “No such number” my address is wrong. Which has never happened . I double checked my address I wrote while I was doing my US Camera checkout 100 times, so I don’t know the issue. It is not a new address either because I have had countless things mailed to my address before and during COVID. Today I woke up with hope because I went to the post office in person to query the “no such number” and they said they will fix it because the package was still in truck. Fast forward to little over 24 hours and I still haven’t received it, and now the update on my tracking number says “return to sender processed” . So I guess I won’t be getting my package. What should I do now? I tried emailing US Camera but the responses are so delayed.

    1. Gray says:

      Hi Schauntel. I kept you informed since you first contacted me after your package was not received in 5 days. We have responded to all of your emails and phone messages. COVID has changed the USPS. Many of the packages we ship at this time, do not show tracking for a few days after the USPS has possession. I sent you a replacement order and refunded your payment to try and make it right. If you do get the first package just keep it. Truly sorry for the issue with your package delivery. Gray

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