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Olympus XA Placement Guide

Olympus XA Placement Guide

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Olympus XA Placement Guide
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You are installing a 6 piece kit for the Olympus XA

Take all of the seals out of the kit and lay them out on your work area. This kit includes,

Lower channel seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
Upper channel seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
Bottom channel seal, back cover – 1 x 1mm
Top channel seal, back cover – 1 x 1mm
Latch seal, back cover – 1 x 2mm
Hinge seal, back cover – 1 x 2mm

Tech Note The original black paint used on the inside of the back cover may(very likely) start to flake off when removing the seals whether using a solvent of any kind or not. Though time consuming, we found the best way is to remove as much material as possible by carefully pushing the residue up off the metal with square toothpicks or the bamboo tool cut at a chisel point.  Then with a small amount of Naptha on a Kimwipe clean the remaining residue with 1 or 2 swipes on that area. Now the film back should be prepared for new seals.

Basic Installation Guidelines

Hinge Seal, back cover. Install this seal centering it between the top and bottom edge of the back cover and the cut out for the strap.

Latch plate channel seal, back cover. Install this seal centering it in the channel next to the door latch per the image.

Door channel seals, camera body. Install the upper and lower camera body channel seals starting at the hinge side of the camera body, working from right to left. The upper channel has the counter actuation lever. You will need to install this seal as close to each side of the counter lever opening as possible, cutting the seal as required.

Door channel seals, camera body. Install the upper and lower back cover channel seals starting as close to the hinge seal as possible, working from left to right.



XA Back Cover Light Seal Placement

USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Olympus XA


USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Olympus XA

The most important and time consuming work is removing the old seals. Focus on clean, clean, clean. Clean the old residue from the door channels, mirror cushion area, door hinge area and anywhere else you are replacing the seals. The finest adhesive in the world will not adhere to that sticky, gooey residue that was once a quality light seal. Proper installation will give you thousands of light tight exposures.

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