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Ensuring Smooth Download Transactions

Ensuring Smooth Download Transactions | User Accounts

The purpose of this page is to make sure your download purchase is available to you accurately, instantly, and hassle-free after purchase.  Making a User account when completing your transaction will easily do that.
Ensuring Smooth Download Transactions.

UPDATE. Since January 2020 most email providers have stepped up spamming emails with attachments, especially google GMAIL.

IMPORTANT. As email security becomes more aggressive, many email services and email software will have issues with PDF files attached to emails. If unsure they treat them as spam. Downloads purchased as a guest are affected by that. That is the reason that many companies who sell their software via download only, require users to make an account. That way, they do not have any issues with email delivery as attachments.

First. Make a user account. It is very easy to just click the “create an account?” box when checking out.  Just add a user a name and password. That’s all. DO NOT WORRY, we do not sell any information about our customers to anyone. We value and respect your privacy.

Second. Always save your download before opening it. Sometimes customers have downloaded files and could not find where the download is located. The folder is “downloads” by default but can be easily changed.

After hundreds of manuals and parts lists were downloaded, I did not see any issues related to downloads or delivery.

USCamera Downloads

I do see some Guest customers who have issues with their first download from USCamera. Other customers who regularly purchased downloads as a guest, never have any issues.

Sometimes issues can be because your email program may spam or junk the download email. That can be a setting issue with your email program that needs to be made before your download is purchased.

Download customers usually want the download immediately after payment. Every month, several customers contact me after they made a download purchase and let me know the name of their new user account. Then ask if I could add their previously purchased download to their new user account. That is not possible.

Other Guest customers did not know where their computer saved the downloaded file. That is also a setting issue and again you, as a Guest, will have to find the file.

You will not have any problems or issues like that if you make a user account.

Ensuring Smooth Download Transactions

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Also, as a registered user, all purchases including manuals and part lists are listed under the “My Account” screen. This is the first screen displayed when you log into your user account.

Again,… making a user account after your purchase, will not populate your new account with the prior history of download or product purchases you made as a guest.

I hope you can see it makes sense for you to make a user account.

You should also take advantage of USCamera keeping your purchase history for you on our secure server. Also, no other company or personal websites are using our server but USCamera. We found that with the size of many downloads, it was the best way to provide our customers with almost immediate and secure access tof large files.

You can download your manual immediately or years from now. Your files will be always be listed and available.

Following my user account advice will help make sure your service manual, owner’s manual, and parts list download(s) are available to you immediately after your payment has been accepted.

Lastly, we will continue to troubleshoot the guest users’ download dilemma.

Always a pleasure and I look forward to serving you.


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