USCamera story…….

We started with our focus on customer service … and that continues today.

USCamera began in 1998 with a basic website to share service knowledge and to educate customers on what we actually did when their photo equipment was on a technician’s bench.

Almost immediately DYI customers were asking about replacement parts also more detailed service tips and hints.

We met those requests with a larger online parts store, plus more part lists and service manuals.

We were the only repair shop in the Denver area that actually stocked parts so we had parts available to sell.

Our equipment service experience gave us the ability to immediately answer most customers questions and give them accurate service advice. At that time, it was over 100 years of combined Photo Equipment service experience.

At first, we were trying satisfy all of the customers requests. We realized quickly all of us here, enjoyed film cameras more than digital so our main focus became more film related equipment and service.

Currently, while we will continue to support digital equipment, the manufacturers have changed how they support technicians and even their own customers with parts. That limits what parts we can sell and what equipment we can service.

Nothing can be more frustrating for a technician than to disassemble and troubleshoot an equipment malfunction only to find a new part is required that is not available directly from the manufacturers. That is becoming a more frequent issue than ever before.

Currently, USCamera’ s main focus continues to be,

  • Customer Service
  • Foam Light Seals
  • Film Equipment & Lens Repair Service
  • Service Manuals and Parts Information
  • Parts Sales

If you have questions about your equipment operation, malfunctions, parts, light seals, repair manuals or service required… call us or contact us. We have the service experience to give you the correct answers.

Thanks for your continued support.

The USCamera Team