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  • Rollei 35 Import Wind Lever Stop

Rollei 35 Import Wind Lever Stop

Premium Import wind lever stop for the Rollei 35 / 35S / 35T / 35LED / 35TE / 35B and 35SE film cameras.  Rollei refers to this part in the service manual as “rivet with button head” however, Rollei of America supplied this part to us 56092.00.0.  This part fits every Rollei 35 compact film camera we have seen.  Quality replacement for this common missing part.

As Rollei service would, you may want to remove the top cover to properly install is stop. However, some customers have explained to us they were satisfied to use a small amount of contact cement to secure it. Package of 1 part.

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Rollei 35 Import Wind Lever Stop

USCamera | Import Parts for Rollei
Rollei 35 Import Wind Lever Stop

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Nothing fits looks and performs like Rollei 35 Import Wind Lever Stop part, for that reason, insist on them.

We add new parts to our online inventory almost every day.

Do you need replacement parts for your Rolleiflex film camera? Could your Rollei Rolleinar lens, film back or accessory have a broken or missing part also?

Then you have found the right place. First of all, USCamera has sold Rollei and other imaging equipment spare parts online since 1998.

We have many part numbers in stock. In addition, the most requested parts include camera battery covers, wind lever retaining screws, fresnel lenses, lens mount screws, nameplate retaining screws, meter covers, and rewind knobs. Plus shutter units, wind gears, wind levers, and focusing screens. Also back cover assemblies, waist level viewfinders, focusing ground glass,  1/4-20 camera attachment screw and much more.

In addition, we have flash shoes, counter assemblies, shutter parts, lens groups, many special Rollei screws, top covers, and camera body leather.

Please email or call with any questions or requests

USCamera makes light seals for over 90 different camera makes and models also. See all light seal kits and more start here.

Light seal kits and Rollei cameras. Rollei film cameras generally used a rolled yarn-like material for a light seal. With the exception of moisture, some small critter or a good minding new Rollei camera owner removing the old seals in error, I’ve never seen a Rollei camera needing a light seal kit. If you need a kit for your Rollei made prior to 1985, let me what camera you have and I should be able to make you one.

USCamera is a do it yourself paradise for technically minded equipment owners.

TLR and Rollei 35 cameras are in the history books, though Rollei continues, see where they are today, here.

Rollei 35 Import Wind Lever Stop,
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