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  • Gitzo D1297.FJ Spacer W/Screws+Washers

Gitzo D1297.FJ Spacer W/Screws+Washers

Genuine Gitzo spacer, w/screws, and washers for the DGT2540T, G1257, G1257G, G1257LVL, G1258, G1258LVL, G1297, G1298, GK2520FT, GT2530, GT2530LVL, GT2531, GT2531LVL, GT2540, GT2540F, GT2540FL, GT2540FT, GT2540G, GT2540L, GT2540LLVL, GT2540LVL, GT2540T, GT2541, GT2541G, GT2541L, GT2542L, GT2542T, GT2545T, GT2830, GT2840C, GT2931, GT2932, GT2940C, GT2940L, GT2940LVL, GT2941, GT2941L, GT2941LLVL, GT2941LVL, GT2942, and GT2942L.  This leg fix includes 4 washers, 2 screws, and 1 threaded spacer. Made by Gitzo Italy.

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Gitzo D1297.FJ Spacer W/Screws+Washers | DGT2540T | G1257 | G1257LVL | G1258 | G1258LVL | G1297 | G1298 | GK2520FT | GT2530 | GT2530LVL | GT2531 | GT2531LVL | GT2540 | GT2540F | GT2540FL | GT2540G | GT2540L | GT2540LLVL | GT2540LVL | GT2540T | GT2541 | GT2541G | GT2541L | GT2542L | GT2830 | GT2840C | GT2931 | GT2940L | GT2941L | GT2941LLVL | GT2941LVL | GT2942L | GT2542T | GT2940LVL | GT2932 | GT2545T | GT2942 | GT2940C | GT2941 | GT2540FT | G1257G

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Nothing fits looks and performs like a genuine Gitzo D1297.FJ Spacer W/Screws+Washers, for that reason, Pros insist on them.

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Gitzo D1297.FJ Spacer W Screws+Washers | DGT2540T | G1257 | G1257LVL | G1258 | G1258LVL | G1297 | G1298 | GK2520FT | GT2530 | GT2530LVL | GT2531 Plus More

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