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    May 2019 – Mamiya 1000 DTL | Owner User Manual

    This user-owners manual is for the Mamiya 1000 DTL film camera.  A very dependable film camera, though a little on the heavy side and a kind of funky film transport design. Makes the camera wind harder as more film is wound onto the take-up spool. Not really anything wrong just different. I can say that because as my first job working as a technician, I was trained on the current Mamiya cameras that Rocky Mountain Camera Repair received for service.  Those models included the Mamiya 528 TL, 1000/500 DTL – TL models, RB system, the C Series TLR cameras and lenses. Very popular film cameras imported at first by Berkey Marketing.

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    32-page PDF 5.98 MB
    Mamiya 1000 DTL Owner-Users Manual