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  • Canon C50-0811 Parts Catalog | Speedlite 580 EX II

    Canon C50-0811 Parts Catalog

    Digital presentation of a genuine Canon Speedlite 580EX II parts list and exploded views.  Download available immediately after payment is accepted. 2 download limit for the file(s) purchased never expires.


    Make sure your download is delivered smoothly and hassle free. Make a user account when checking out. More information on that here.


    5 page PDF 672 KB
    Canon C50-0811 Parts Catalog

  • Canon CA4-4501 Flash Shoe | Speedlite 300TL | Ring Lite ML-3

    Canon CA4-4502 Flash Shoe

    Genuine Canon flash shoe foot for the Speedlite 300TL and Macro Lite ML-3. Made by Canon Japan.


  • Canon CB3-9795 Genuine Screws EOS EF EF-S

    Canon CB3-9795 Genuine Screws

    Genuine Canon replacement screws for the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 7D Mark II digital cameras and other Canon imaging products.  Package of 3 screws.

  • Canon CB4-0743 Dust Cover | Speedlite 550EX | 580EX

    Canon CB4-0743 Dust Cover

    Genuine Canon replacement connector dust cover for the Speedlite 550EX and 580EX.  We call this part dust cover 1 as it is the smaller of the 2 dust covers.  It is the connector cover on the flash shoe. Made by Canon Japan.

  • Canon CB4-0745 Lock Ring | Speedlite 550EX

    Canon CB4-0745 Lock Ring

    Genuine Canon replacement flash shoe lock ring for the Speedlite 550EX. Made by Canon Japan.


  • Canon CB4-0746 Flash Shoe Foot | Speedlite 550EX | MR-14EX | MT-24EX

    Canon CB4-0746 Flash Shoe

    Genuine Canon replacement flash shoe foot for the Speedlite 550EX, Ring Lite MR-14EX and the Twin Lite MT-24EX.  Please note the flash shoe contact pins are not included with this foot.  The contact pins are available separately here.


  • Canon CB4-0749 Lock Pin | Speedlite  550EX

    Canon CB4-0749 Lock Pin

    Genuine Canon replacement flash shoe foot lock pin for the Speedlite 550EX.


  • Canon CB4-0750 Pin Spring | Speedlite 550EX

    Canon CB4-0750 Pin Spring

    Genuine Canon replacement flash shoe foot lock pin spring for the Speedlite 550EX.


  • Canon CB4-0751 Switch Knob | Speedlite 550EX

    Canon CB4-0751 Switch Knob

    Genuine Canon replacement switch knob for the Speedlite 550EX.  Made by Canon Japan.