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  • Pentax 1-061181 Set Screw | Counter Dial Cover | K1000 Old-New | KM | KX | Spotmatic | Also Camera, Flash, Lens Spares | Vintage Parts | Light Seals, Foam Sheets | Service Manuals Parts Lists | USCamera

    Pentax 1-061181 Set Screw

    Genuine Pentax replacement counter dial cover set screw for the Old Style K1000, New Style K1000, KM, KX, Spotmatic series film cameras, and other Pentax imaging products.  Package of 1 screw.

  • Pentax 23102-1056 Front Leatherette Left | Spotmatic

    Pentax 23102-1056 Front Leatherette

    Genuine Pentax replacement left front leatherette for the Spotmatic series film cameras. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23102-1057 Front Leatherette Right | Spotmatic

    Pentax 23102-1057 Front Leatherette

    Genuine Pentax replacement right front leatherette for the Spotmatic series film cameras. Please note, this leatherette fits Spotmatic camera with a self-timer. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 23120 Spotmatic 1000 Parts List | Vintage Pentax Cameras

    Pentax 23120 Spotmatic 1000 Parts

    Digital presentation of a genuine Pentax Spotmatic SP1000 parts list and exploded views. This is a supplement to the Spotmatic parts list.  Only showing the parts unique to the SP1000. Download available immediately after payment is accepted. 2 download limit for the file(s) purchased never expires.

    2 page PDF 120 KB

  • Pentax 23701-0A17 Strap Hook | K1000 Old | K2 | KM | KX | Film CamerasPentax 23701-0A17 Strap Hook | K1000 Old | K2 | KM | KX | Film Cameras

    Pentax 23701-0A17 Strap Hook

    Genuine Pentax replacement strap hook fits K1000 Old, K2, KM, and the KX film cameras. Made by Pentax Japan. Package of 2 strap hooks.

  • Pentax 23800-A400U Bottom Cover | MX Film CameraPentax 23800-A400U Bottom Cover | MX Film Camera

    Pentax 23800-A400U Bottom Cover

    Genuine Pentax bottom cover for the MX film camera.  USED EX condition. Image of actual USED bottom cover currently available. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax ZX Series Battery Cover Assembly 27250-0-A412

    Pentax 27250-0-A412 Battery Cover

    Genuine Pentax replacement battery cover assembly for the ZX Series including  ZX10,  ZX30, ZX-M, ZX5 and the ZX5n film cameras.

  • Pentax 27250-Q701 Frame Shaft Left | Pop-Up Flash | ZX Series Film Cameras

    Pentax 27250-Q701 Frame Shaft

    Genuine Pentax replacement left flash frame shaft for the ZX Series film cameras. Package of 1 frame shaft. Limited stock.  This part has been discontinued by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 27830-0A412 Battery Cover | *ist Film Camera

    Pentax 27830-0A412 Battery Cover

    Genuine Pentax replacement battery cover assembly for the *ist film camera. Made by Pentax Japan.