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Pentax MX Placement Guide

Pentax MX Placement Guide

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Pentax MX Placement Guide
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You are installing a light seal kit for the Pentax MX. This camera uses 2 kits, 1 for the body and 1 for the mirror cushion.

The body light seal 5 piece Kit includes,

bottom channel seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
top channel seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
hinge seal wide, camera body – 1 x 1mm
hinge seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
top channel seal, back cover – 1 x 1mm

Please Note, the camera body kit includes  2ea hinge seal pieces, 1 wide seal and 1 not so wide seal. You may only need 1 piece from that set of 2. Let me explain. Note that the MX cameras use a felt/flocking type light seal at the door hinge, just in front of the original foam piece. That material will last an incredibly long time.  We have not seen any worn out as of this date, just removed in error. Removing and replacing that special hinge seal is not recommended. Just beside the special seal is a foam strip. If the original special seal is damaged or missing, then use the wide foam hinge seal only. That seal is cut to replace both the special seal and the thin foam seal.


USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Pentax MX

Pentax MX Mirror cushion 7 piece Kit

The mirror cushion kit the includes 2 styles of cushions and both work equally as well. Take a look at the install images and pick one.  I personally like style 2, the 2 pieces at the ends.  It allows easier access to the fresnel screen latch.

Style 1 – 3 Piece Kit

long mirror cushion – 1 x 1mm
left frame  – 1 x 1mm
right frame  – 1 x 1mm

Style 2 – 4 Piece Kit

L/R mirror cushions – 2 x 2mm
left frame  – 1 x 1mm
right frame  – 1 x 1mm

USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Pentax MX

Let me dispell an Internet Myth concerning mirror cushions.

The mirror cushions have no effect on exposure that I have ever seen.  When checking cameras performance before providing a repair estimate, I have never seen any difference in the exposure accuracy whether mirror cushions were intact or missing.  I have checked tens of thousands of cameras primarily using the test standard of the camera manufacturers, the Kyoritsu EF-8000.

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