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USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Petri FT 1000

USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Petri FT 1000

Custom Light seals Petri Film Cameras
USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Petri FT 1000

Please Contact us for any questions you may have. Also, new light seal kits and parts are added every day.

For more information on purchasing this kit, go here

Top Quality kits using imported open cell foam.

Do you want to make your own light seal kit? Maybe you have a special film camera accessory that requires a special size of the light seal material.  We are here to help.

Sometimes customers find sheet foam is the best solution. We have photo grade sheet foam material with adhesive, in a thickness of 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm available here.

In addition, we have many different strips of light seal material already cut to width and 220 mm long here.

For help installing light seal kits please go here.  Following the link to that short read can improve the quality of your light seal installation.

USCamera light seal kit placement guides can really help you.

Especially if the old light seals have already been removed before you acquired the camera. go here

See all USCamera Light seal kits available for Petri

“The most important and time-consuming work is removing the old seals. Focus on clean, clean, clean. Clean the old residue from the door channels, mirror cushion area, door hinge area and anywhere else you are replacing the seals. In addition, the finest adhesive in the world will not adhere to that sticky, gooey residue that was once a quality light seal. Lastly, proper installation will give you thousands of light tight exposures.”

Petri cameras started in 1963 with the 7S rangefinder camera made by the Petri Camera Ltd of Japan.  They were successful however could not really compete as the modern electronic cameras like the Canon AE-1 were marketed. Although no longer making film cameras, they enjoy a kind of cult following of users.

USCamera | Parts for cameras, flash, lens | light seals, foam sheets | service downloads | USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Petri FT 1000

For more information on purchasing this kit, go here

You are installing a 6 piece kit for the Petri F1000 FT FT II and the Petriflex


USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Petri FT 1000

USCamera Light Seal Kit Install – Petri FT and FT II

Before you do anything, please read the general removal and installation instructions here.

Next,  take all of the seals out of the kit and lay them out on your work area.

This 7 piece custom light seal kit includes,

Lower channel seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
Upper channel seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
Latch plate seal, camera body, latch end – 1 x 1mm
Lower channel seal, back cover body – 1 x 2mm
Top channel seal, back cover body – 1 x 2mm
Hinge seal, camera body – 1 x 1mm
Mirror cushion – 1 x 2mm

Tech Note. It is easier to install the back cover hinge seal and work on the back cover with it removed from the camera (but not necessary).  It is difficult to remove the hinge pin, so easier to carefully lift up the front grip side leatherette near the hinge it will expose the 2 back cover hinge plate retaining screws. If the leatherette is very brittle and breaks into pieces when attempting to lift it up, it is best to leave the film back attached to the camera.

Door channel seals, back cover

On the latch end of the film back,  measure 3mm down from the edge of the back into the lower door channel and mark it with a pencil. Measure and mark the top door channel also. That is the starting point for the back channel seals. Starting at the mark you made, remove the backing and install the lower seal on the back cover from right to left.  Do the same for the upper seal.

Hinge seal, camera body

This seal is installed by centering the seal between the upper and lower door channels on the camera body.

Door channel seals, camera body

When installing the channel seals on the camera body, always start at the hinge side and work to the left. The top and bottom body channel seals are the same lengths.  When installing the upper seal, cut off a 13mm long piece and install that seal starting at the hinge side to the counter lever. Then install the rest of the upper seal from the other side of the counter lever to the rewind end of the camera.  Then install the lower channel seal on the camera body.

Mirror cushion

Tech Note. Disassembly required for the FT, FT II, and Petriflex. For the models listed, FT, FT II, and Petriflex installing the mirror cushion require some disassembly.  It is not possible to install the mirror cushion otherwise. You will need a good quality #00 or #000 Phillips screwdriver. Wiha last seen at ACE is a decent quality brand and somewhat easy to find.

Notice the top of the lens mount has the red dot.  Remove the 4 lens mount screws and carefully lift the lens mount up and look for any shims under the mount at each screw hole.  Many times they are glued to the mount or mount base. If they happen to be loose,  just make sure you note the position and placement of the shims as that is critical for focus accuracy. Now remove the chrome cover ring then the black plastic light shield and that will expose the mirror cushion.

Now, with the utmost care, remove the old and install the new mirror cushion.  Remember if anything touches the focusing screen, it will likely be permanently damaged.

Reverse the order of disassembly above to replace the lens mount and related parts

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