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  • Sears KSX Light Seals | Sears Film Cameras

    Sears KSX Light Seals

    USCamera custom light seal kit for the Ricoh Sears KS, KS Auto, KS1, KS Super, KS Super II, KS2, KS1000, KS500, KSX, and KSX Super film cameras. This kit may fit other Sears/Ricoh models but we do not have any other Sears model cameras to check for proper fit. This kit includes 2 door channels seals for the body, 2 channel seals for the back cover, 1 back cover hinge seal on body, 1 back cover latch plate seal and 1 mirror cushion.

    Tech Note. If your camera has a film reminder window, this kit does not include the light seal around that window.


    USCamera light seal placement guide for this Sears/Ricoh light seal. Go here