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  • Pentax 65863-Y302 Molded Pin | Pentax AF360 FG 65863-Y302

    Pentax 65863-Y302 Molded Pin

    Genuine Pentax replacement L molded pin for the AF360 FGZ flash. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 65864-Y595 LCD Unit | Pentax AF540 FGZ

    Pentax 65864-Y595 LCD Unit

    Genuine Pentax replacement LCD unit for the AF540 FGZ flash unit. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 65867-Y29 Contact Pin | AF200 FG Shoe Mount Flash

    Pentax 65867-Y29 Contact Pin

    Genuine Pentax replacement flash shoe contact pin for the AF160 FC, and the AF200 FG flash unit. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax 77240-A107 Lock Button

    Pentax 77240-A107 Lock Button

    Genuine Pentax lens lock button for the K-3, K-5, K-7, K10D, K-50, and K-r. Made by Pentax Philippines.
    Also used with this part, the C-Clip that retains the button and the weather resistant button packing.