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  • Metz 48 AF-1 58 AF-1 Flash Shoe Foot for LeicaMetz 48 AF-1 58 AF-1 Flash Shoe

    Metz 48-58 Flash Shoe

    Genuine Metz replacement flash shoe foot for the 48 AF-1 and 58 AF-1 flash units for many digital and film cameras including Canon, Leica, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony.  Made by Metz Germany. Use option to choose from shoes currently available.

  • Olympus Battery Cover VK1272 Stylus 700/710 | Olympus Digital Cameras

    Olympus Battery Cover VK1272

    Genuine Olympus replacement battery cover for the Stylus 700, Mju 700, Stylus 710 and Mju 710 digital camera.

  • Olympus LC02 Lens Cap | C-5000 Digital

    Olympus Lens Cap LC02

    Genuine Olympus replacement LC02 lens cap for the C-5000 digital cameras. Made by Olympus Japan.


  • Olympus LC43 Lens Cap | D500 | D600L Digital Cameras

    Olympus Lens Cap LC43

    Genuine Olympus LC43, 43mm lens cap for the D600L, D500 plus other digital and film cameras. Made by Olympus China.


    This part has been discontinued.


  • Olympus VC2423 SLD Unit | C7070 Wide Zoom

    Olympus VC2423 SLD Unit

    Genuine Olympus replacement SLD unit (zoom lever/release button assembly) for the C7070 digital cameras. Made Olympus Japan.

  • Olympus VG8779 Battery Cover Red | SZ-14

    Olympus VG8779 Battery Cover

    Genuine Olympus replacement red battery cover for the SZ-14 digital camera. Made by Olympus Japan.

  • Olympus VK5362 Battery Cover E-Volt E- E-5 E-30

    Olympus VK5362 Battery Cover

    Genuine Olympus battery cover assembly for the EVOLT E-3 / E-5 / E-30 digital cameras. Made by Olympus Japan.