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  • Metz 48 AF-1 58 AF-1 Flash Shoe Foot for LeicaMetz 48 AF-1 58 AF-1 Flash Shoe

    Metz 48-58 Flash Shoe

    Genuine Metz replacement flash shoe foot for the 48 AF-1 and 58 AF-1 flash units for many digital and film cameras including Canon, Leica, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony.  Made by Metz Germany. Use option to choose from shoes currently available.

  • Olympus Battery Cover VK1272 Stylus 700/710 | Olympus Digital Cameras

    Olympus Battery Cover VK1272

    Genuine Olympus replacement battery cover for the Stylus 700, Mju 700, Stylus 710 and Mju 710 digital camera.

  • Olympus Lens Cap LC02

    Olympus Lens Cap LC02

    Genuine Olympus replacement LC02 lens cap for the C-5000 digital cameras.


  • Olympus Lens Cap LC43

    Olympus Lens Cap LC43

    Genuine Olympus replacement LC43, a 43mm lens cap for the D600L / D500 and other digital and film cameras.


  • Olympus Lens Cap with Strap LC58

    Olympus Lens Cap with Strap LC58

    Genuine Olympus replacement LC58, a 58mm lens cap for the SP570 and C-8080 digital cameras.  Includes the cap strap.

  • Olympus VC2423 SLD Unit | C7070 Wide Zoom

    Olympus VC2423 SLD Unit

    Genuine Olympus replacement SLD unit (zoom lever/release button assembly) for the C7070 digital cameras. Made Olympus Japan.

  • Olympus VG8779 Battery Cover Red | SZ-14

    Olympus VG8779 Battery Cover

    Genuine Olympus replacement red battery cover for the SZ-14 digital camera. Made by Olympus Japan.

  • Olympus VK5257 Card Cover | EVolt E410 | E-410 | E420 | E-420 | E450 | E-450

    Olympus VK5257 Card Cover

    Genuine Olympus card cover for the EVOLT E-410 E-420 E-450 digital cameras. Limited stock is available. This part has been discontinued. Made by Olympus Japan. 

  • Olympus VK5362 Battery Cover E-Volt E- E-5 E-30

    Olympus VK5362 Battery Cover

    Genuine Olympus battery cover assembly for the EVOLT E-3 / E-5 / E-30 digital cameras. Made by Olympus Japan.