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  • Minolta Hi-Matic AF Seals | Minolta Film Cameras

    Minolta Hi-Matic AF Seals

    USCamera 5 piece custom light seal kit fits the Minolta Hi-Matic AF and Hi-Matic AF-2 film cameras.  This 5 piece kit includes bottom channel seal on the body, top left channel seal on the body, channel seal by latch plate on the camera body, short top channel seal on the back cover, door hinge end and the hinge seal on the back cover.


    Light Seal kit placement guide, go here.

  • Minolta X700 Light Seals | Minolta Film Cameras

    Minolta X700 Light Seals

    USCamera custom light seal kit for the Minolta X300, X300x, X370, X370n, X370s, X370, X500, X570, X600, X7, X7a, X700, and X9 film cameras. This light seal kit includes 2 door channel seals for the camera body, 1 mirror cushion, 1 door hinge seal on the back cover and 2 small seals by the door hinge seal on the back cover. Please note that some cameras may use a film reminder window that requires foam, at this time we do not have a source for that seal and is not included in this kit.

    Please note this is an “N” kit for the X Series listed and updates the older cameras also.  Adding the short top and bottom back cover channel seals, hinge end updates the camera.  Minolta determined that under certain outside lighting conditions, the film perforations could be slightly fogged near the counter lever.


    USCamera light seal placement guides for this Minolta film cameras here