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  • Manfrotto R093.01 Plastic ClampManfrotto R093.01 Plastic Clamp

    Manfrotto R093.01 Plastic Clamp

    Genuine Manfrotto plastic clamp for the 057, 057B, 074, 074B, 075B, 075, 075B, 085, 085BSLPOLE, 098, 098B, 098SH, 098SHB, 132, 132X, 254, 254B, 680, 680B, 681, 681B, 682, 682B, D654, 3030, and 3033. This part clips to the upper leg and has a hex head opening which can be used to adjust the tension on the leg clamping lever. Sold as pictured. Made in Italy.


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