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  • Pentax 23701-J400 F-Volume Resistor | K-1000 Old | Km | KX Film Cameras

    Pentax 23701-J400 F-Volume Resistor

    Genuine Pentax replacement f volume resistor for the old style K1000, KM, and the KX  film cameras.  Made by Pentax Japan. Please note… The old style K1000 has 3 screws that retain the bottom cover and the battery cover is metal.

  • Pentax 23704-A30 Front Leatherette Right | K1000 | KM | KX

    Pentax 23704-A30 Front Leatherette

    Genuine Pentax replacement right front leatherette for the Old Style K1000 and New Style K1000 film cameras. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax Counter Dial Cover Window 23704-C313

    Pentax 23704-C313 Counter Window

    Genuine Pentax replacement counter dial cover window for the Old Style K1000, New Style K1000, KM, KX and Spotmatic series film cameras. Package of 1 window.

  • Pentax Meter Movement 23704-J100

    Pentax 23704-J100 Meter Movement

    Genuine Pentax replacement meter movement for the Old Style K1000, and many Spotmatic series film cameras.  The movement will need to be adjusted and modified for use in the Spotmatic series film cameras.  Instructions for those adjustments shown below.

  • Pentax 23704-J400 F-Volume Resistor | K1000 | KX | KM | Film Cameras
    $18.83 $17.89

    Pentax 23704-J400 F-Volume Resistor

    Genuine Pentax replacement f volume resistor for the K1000 Old, KM, and the KX  film cameras.  The old style K1000 uses 3 screws to retain the bottom cover. Made by Pentax.

  • Pentax 23707-A400 Bottom Cover | K1000 New Film Camera

    Pentax 23707-A400 Bottom Cover

    Genuine Pentax replacement bottom cover fits the New Style K1000 only.  The new style K1000 has 5 screws that retain the bottom cover.  The finish is high-quality silver however the cover is plastic. The battery cover is also plastic. Made by Pentax Japan.

  • Pentax K1000 Light Seals | Pentax Film Cameras

    Pentax K1000 Light Seals

    This USCamera light seal replacement kit will fit the Pentax K1000, K2, Kx, Km, Spotmatic, Spotmatic F, Spotmatic II, Spotmatic IIa, Spotmatic SP, Spotmatic SP500, Electro Spotmatic, ES and the ESII film cameras. All of those cameras us the same basic body casting. This kit includes lower/upper channel seals (body), hinge seal and the mirror cushion. Please note we do not recommend removing/replacing the original hinge seal unless it is damaged. It is made of a special material and to date, we are not seeing that seal decayed on the cameras we have.

    Placement guide for this light seal kit, go here.

  • Pentax K1000 Owners Manual

    Pentax K1000 Owners Manual

    Digital presentation of a genuine Pentax K1000 owners manual. Download available immediately after payment is accepted. 2 download limit for the file(s) purchased never expires.


    36-page PDF 2.81 MB