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  • Canon CA1-6504 Accessory Shoe | EOS 1D | EOS 1DS | EOS 1DS MK II | EOS 1V | Plus Many More

    Canon CA1-6504 Accessory Shoe

    Genuine Canon replacement accessory shoe for the EOS 1D, 1DS, 1DS MK II, 1D MK IIn, 1N, 1V, 10D, 600, 630, A2, D30, D60, Elan, Elan II, Elan 7, Elan 7 E, Elan 7 N, Elan 7 NE and other EOS cameras and accessories.  This accessory shoe is also used on the Off-Camera Shoe #2. Made by Canon Japan.

  • Canon CA1-0977-031 LED Cover Ring | A-1 | Film CamerasCanon CA1-0977-031 LED Cover Ring | A-1 | Film Cameras

    Canon CA1-0977-031 LED Cover

    Premium Import battery check LED cover ring for the Canon A1 film cameras.  Made by USCamera China.

    The cover ring is held in place with a small amount of contact cement. Please note 2 sizes of this cover were used.  This is the small cover measuring  3.1mm.  If you don’t know the measurement of your cover just measure the LED.  It should measure a little less than 3.1mm or 3.3mm. Only the 3.1mm small cover is available.

  • Canon CF1-1441-B Eyepiece Frame | AE-1 Film Cameras

    Canon CF1-1441-B Eyepiece Frame

    Premium Import eyepiece frame for the Canon AE-1 film cameras. Eyepiece glass is not included with this frame. Made by USCamera China

  • Canon CF1-1441-A Eyepiece Glass | AE-1 Film Cameras

    Canon CF1-1441-A Eyepiece Glass

    Premium Import eyepiece glass for the Canon AE-1 film cameras. Made by USCamera China.

  • Canon Import EOS A2 Door Latch Slide Assembly (CY1-1604)Canon CY1-1604 Door Latch Slide Assembly | EOS A2 | EOS A2 E

    Canon CY1-1604 Door Latch

    Premium Import door latch slide assembly for the Canon EOS A2 film cameras. This part is out of stock, discontinued and no longer available.

  • Canon CY3-1028 Battery Door | EOS Elan II | EOS Elan II E | Film Cameras

    Canon CY3-1028 Battery Door

    Genuine Canon replacement battery door for the EOS Elan II, and the EOS Elan IIE film cameras. Limited stock is available. Made by Canon Japan.

  • Canon CG1-3707 Shutter Assembly | EOS 1V

    Canon CG1-3707 Shutter Assembly

    Genuine Canon replacement shutter assembly for the EOS 1V film cameras. Made by Canon Japan.  This part was discontinued by Canon and is no longer available.  We have no other source for this Canon replacement part new.

  • Canon CF1-3691 Battery Cover | Rebel 2000 | EOS 300N

    Canon CF1-3691 Battery Cover

    Genuine Canon replacement battery cover for the EOS Rebel 2000, and the EOS 300 film cameras. Made by Canon Japan. Out of stock and discontinued by Canon Japan 2002.

  • Canon CA1-4727 Film Sprocket | A-1 | AE-1 | AE-1 Program | Film Cameras

    Canon CA1-4727 Film Sprocket

    Premium Import film sprocket for the Canon A-1, AE-1, and the AE-1 Program film cameras. Made by USCamera China.