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Battery Charger Canon NB-2L

Canon compact travel battery charger 100-240v 50-60Hz for all Canon NB-2L, NB-2LH, BP-2L12, BP-2L14 batteries. Used with the Canon G7, G9, S20, S30, S45, S50, S70, S80, EOS 350D, EOS 400D, EOS Rebel XT, and EOS Rebel XTi cameras.

Canon 5D Mark III Multi-Controller Switch

Import Canon multi-controller toggle switch for the EOS 5D MK III digital camera. The rear cover assembly must be removed to access, and replace this part. Made by USCamera China.

Canon A-1 Light Baffle Mirror Cage

USCamera Canon A-1 mirror cage light baffle.  This baffle sheet is on the inside of the mirror box on the left side. The anti-reflective sheet Canon used had a tendency to curl as it ages.  This replacement part from USCamera is a special type of poly-urethane material that was used in many film cameras produced in the 1980's and later. Just a couple camera models where I can see this baffle material was used is Nikon N2000, N2020, and later used in the Minolta XE-7 as an updated replacement part. Black adhesive tape has already been applied so to install just, peel material from the backing to apply. I strongly recommend an adhesive delay so you have time to align the baffle in place. Material made in Japan for USCamera.

Canon Angle Finder B

Canon Angle Finder B with Adapter S | Fits Most Canon Models. Made by Canon Japan. Never sold to a customer. The box is not perfect. New Old Stock.

Canon C58-6041 USB Cable

Genuine Canon USB cable with the protector for the EOS 5Ds and EOS 5Ds R digital cameras. This cable assembly includes the cable, cable protector clip, and cable protector base assembly. The cable base and protector clip are attached to the cable when assembled. This part has been discontinued, limited stock is available. Made by Canon China.

Canon C58-6121 USB Cable

Genuine Canon USB cable with protector for EOS 5D MK IV digital cameras. This cable assembly includes the cable, cable protector clip, and cable protector base assembly. Made by Canon China. Please note, we receive many requests for the cable protector clip or the cable base assembly only for this cable. Currently, those items are only available with the cable assembly and not available separately.

Canon C84-1124 Lens Cover

Genuine Canon lens cap for the PowerShot G5 digital camera. Made by Canon Japan.   This part has been discontinued limited stock is available.

Canon C84-1221 Lens Cover

Genuine Canon replacement silver lens cover set for the PowerShot S1 IS digital camera. This genuine Canon lens cover set includes the lens cap and cap strap.

Canon C84-1982 Lens Cap

Genuine Canon lens cap with strap for the PowerShot SX500 IS digital camera. Made by Canon China.

Canon CA1-0977-031 LED Cover

Premium Import battery check LED cover ring for the Canon A1 film cameras.  Made by USCamera China. The cover ring is held in place with a small amount of contact cement. Please note 2 sizes of this cover were used.  This is the small cover measuring  3.1mm.  If you don't know the measurement of your cover just measure the LED.  It should measure a little less than 3.1mm or 3.3mm. Only the 3.1mm small cover is available.

Canon CA1-4707 MD Cover

Genuine Canon replacement Motor Drive opening cover for the A-1, AE-1 and AE-1 Program film cameras. Many of these covers are new (Mint-), though I have graded them as used. These new cover parts were kept loose in a parts envelope.  A technician would pull the envelope and may grab 2 or 3 covers, pick 1 and drop the rest back in the envelope. The Mint minus covers are the cleanest I have. Condition graded as follows,   MINT Minus. New part though may have a small mark from handling which will take a close examination to see. Nearly if not impossible to resolve any flaw in the image shown when using a Macro lens and a Canon digital. USED - 1 Plus. Looks to me like this cover was removed/installed once maybe 2 times very carefully. USED - 2 Plus. Looks to me like this cover was removed/installed 2 or more times. Not really ugly yet. USED - 3 Plus. This is where these covers start to look a little ugly. Removed 3 times or more at first carefully then probably not.   Lastly,  you may have a black Canon A-series camera and want a black MD cover.  Canon may have made them, I never saw a part # listed in any Canon parts catalog or one installed on the A-1 or the AE-1.              

Canon CA1-4727 Film Sprocket

USCamera Premium Import film sprocket for the Canon A-1, AE-1, and the AE-1 Program film cameras. Made by USCamera China.

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