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  • Apollo ENX Projection Lamp

    Apollo ENX Projection Lamp

    Premium Apollo ENX projection lamp. 82V 360 Watt. Made in Japan.

  • EIKO DYY Projection Lamp

    EIKO DYY Projection Lamp

    Premium EIKO DYY EGH projection lamp. 120 Volt 500 Watt. Made in Japan.

  • ELMO ELC Projection Lamp

    ELMO ELC Projection Lamp

    Premium ELMO ELC projection lamp. 24V 250 Watt. Made by Elmo Japan.

  • ELMO FXL Projection Lamp | 82V 410 Watt

    ELMO FXL Projection Lamp

    Premium ELMO FXL projection lamp. 82V 410 Watt. Made by Phillips Japan.

  • EXR Projection Lamp | 82V 300 Watt | USHIO | OSRAM

    EXR Projection Lamp

    Premium ESP projection lamp. 82V 300Watt. Made in Japan.


    Use the option to choose USHIO or OSRAM products.

  • Fuji CBJ Projection Lamp

    Fuji CBJ Projection Lamp

    Premium FUJI CBJ projection lamp. 120 Volt 75 Watt. Made in Japan.

  • Fuji CYC Projection Lamp

    Fuji CYC Projection Lamp

    Premium FUJI CYC projection lamp. 120 Volt 300 Watt. Made in Japan.

  • General Electric BAK Exciter Lamp

    General Electric BAK Exciter Lamp

    Premium General Electric BAK exciter or sound reproducer lamp. 4 volt .75 Amp. The most common application is for 16mm sound film projectors. Made in the USA.

  • General Electric BBA Photoflood

    General Electric BBA Photoflood

    Premium General Electric BBA Photoflood. 120Volt 250Watt 3200K. Made the USA.