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USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Mamiya M645 Mirror Kit

USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Mamiya M645 Mirror Kit

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You are installing a 3 piece mirror kit for the Mamiya M645 1000 / 1000S / M645 J mirror frame and cushion.
A custom kit for the back cover and door channels on the body is available here.

This kit includes,

24 x 2 mm – mirror frame foam, R/L
1 x 3mm – mirror cushion, camera body

Tech Note. Use something to protect the mirror while you are removing / replacing the cushions. To properly install the these damper cushions you will need to remove the black viewfinder mask under the focusing screen assembly. DO NOT turn the focusing screen adjustment screws. These are visible after removing the focusing screen assembly. 1 left rear corner, 1 right rear corner and one  front/center. The other 3 screws visible are the mask retaining screws.

General Installation Guidelines

Damper cushion, front. This seal needs to be installed 1st. It is easier to install this seal with the lens mount removed but that is up to you. Because of the disassembly involved we cannot address that here. Install this seal centering it on the front casting using the front finder adjustment screw as a reference.

Damper cushions, right / left. With the frame and screen assembly removed you will see 2 small strips of fabric that are lightly glued to the side finder frame. You do not want to completely remove those strips. Carefully peel the fabric from the front to the back until they are clear of the cushion. Use tape to keep them out of the way. Now you can remove / replace the right and left side damper cushions.

The most important and time consuming work is removing the old seals. Focus on clean, clean, clean. Clean the old residue from the door channels, mirror cushion area, door hinge area and anywhere else you are replacing the seals. The finest adhesive in the world will not adhere to that sticky, gooey residue that was once a quality light seal. Proper installation will give you thousands of light tight exposures.

USCamera | Thousands of parts for cameras, flash, lens, light seals, foam sheets, downloads + more | USCamera Light Seal Placement Guide | Mamiya M645 Series Mirror Kit

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  1. Jason Stoff February 27, 2019 at 7:57 PM Reply

    Hi Gray! I have a question about this particular cushion kit (Custom Mamiya M645 mirror cushion kit).

    I’ve already replaced the light seals and front cushion in my camera body, but the original L&R cushions were so deteriorated that I’m unsure how they’re supposed to be installed. I see the small fabric strips in the mirror box, but I have no idea which way the “fat” ends of the angled L&R strips are supposed to face, nor which surface they’re supposed to be mounted to. Any help — even a photo or drawing of a properly installed kit — would be wonderful. Thank you!

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