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  • Canon Retaining 1.3MM Washer EF EF-S EOS XD2-1100-132
  • Canon Retaining 1.3MM Washer EF EF-S EOS XD2-1100-132

Canon Retaining 1.3MM Washer EF EF-S EOS XD2-1100-132

Genuine Canon replacement retaining 1.3MM washer for the EOS 50D/EOS 6D other Canon imaging products. Made by Canon Japan. Package of 3 washers.

Screws and washers are one of the most needed parts when servicing imaging equipment. They can be easily minimized but are one of the most single important parts when assembling imaging equipment.  Screws keep the equipment tight so extremely close tolerances can be maintained. Screws can be damaged or lost during service.  Manufacturers recommend replacing certain screws when they are removed. Many screws manufactured for cameras and other imaging equipment are specifically made for certain applications. We stock screws made of many different types of materials, coatings, finishes, hardness, color and more.

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Canon Retaining 1.3MM Washer EF EF-S EOS XD2-1100-132

USCamera | Genuine Canon replacement washers
Parts for Canon EF EF-S EOS imaging products.

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Also, many other Genuine Canon replacement screws are available for cameras, lenses, flash and other Canon imaging products, start here.

Nothing fits, looks and performs like genuine Canon parts for that reason, insist on them.

Do you need a specific washer?  We recommend using part numbers when searching for parts like washers.

Always New and innovating Canon imaging products look here.

In addition to part number information, we try to include all the models that apply to each specific screw part number.  Any questions? Contact us

Furthermore, washers are just one of the many replacement parts USCamera can provide.

Looking for a source replacement parts for your film or digital imaging equipment. Then you have found the right place.

We stock many parts for Canon products.  Popular parts continue to be camera rubber grips, accessory or flash shoes, LCD windows, top cover information windows, rear cover TFTs, lens mounts, top cover assemblies, focusing or fresnel screens, flash shoe assembly, bottom covers and tripod attachment plates. In addition, we stock hundreds of the most requested parts like battery covers, memory card doors, flash shoe feet,  TFT’s/ LCD assemblies and LCD windows.

Canon Retaining 1.3MM Washer EF EF-S EOS XD2-1100-132,
EOS 50d, EOS 50D, EOS 6d, EOS 6D

USCamera stocks many Canon screws, parts, downloads of part lists, service manuals and more. We have film camera parts, light seal kits, and supplies. Contact us with any questions or parts not listed.  USCamera’s large inventory can support your repair part needs.  We stock parts because when something breaks on your camera, flash, lens or tripod, you want the parts now.

USCamera | Canon Genuine screws for cameras, flash, lenses | light seal kits, foam sheets | service downloads | Canon Retaining 1.3MM Washer EF EF-S EOS XD2-1100-132

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Weight 1 oz
ya2-4194 guide collar sizes

.399, .400, .401


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