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  • Canon C100 Accessory Shoe (DB1-7708)Canon C100 Accessory Shoe DB1-7708

    Canon C100 Accessory Shoe DB1-7708

    Genuine Canon replacement accessory shoe for the EOS C100 video cameras.

  • Canon DB1-3690 EOS Screws | EOS C100

    Canon DB1-3690 EOS Screws

    Genuine Canon replacement screws for the C100 video cameras and other Canon imaging products.  Package of 2 screws.

  • Canon DG1-4455 Trigger-FPC Assembly | GL2 | XM2

    Canon DG1-4455 Trigger-FPC Assembly

    Genuine Canon trigger-FPC assembly for GL2, and XM2 video cameras. Sorry this part sold out and is no longer available from Canon and we have no other source.

  • Canon DG3-1671 Backlight Assembly | HF10 | HG10 | Vixia HV30

    Canon DG3-1671 Backlight Assembly

    Genuine Canon LCD backlight assembly for the HF10, HG10, and Vixia HV30 video cameras. Made by Canon Japan.

  • Canon DG3-1754 Extra-Microphone Holder | XH-A1E

    Canon DG3-1754 Extra-Microphone Holder

    Genuine Canon extra microphone holder assembly for the XH A1 E video cameras. Made by Canon Japan.

  • Canon DG3-2437 Zoom-Key Assembly | HF-10

    Canon DG3-2437 Zoom-Key Assembly

    Genuine Canon Zoom Key assembly for the HF-10 video cameras. This part has been discontinued. Limited stock is available.  Made by Canon China.

  • Canon DG3-2688 Jack PCB Assembly | XH-A1s

    Canon DG3-2688 Jack PCB

    Genuine Canon Jack PCB assembly for the XH A1s video cameras. Made by Canon Japan.

  • Placeholder

    Canon DG3-4216 Color View-Finder

    Genuine Canon Color View-Finder assembly for the C100 video cameras. Limited stock. Made by Canon Japan.

  • Canon HF10 HG10 Vixia HV30 LCD Monitor Assy WG2-5306

    Canon HF10 HG10 Vixia HV30 LCD Monitor Assy WG2-5306

    Genuine Canon replacement LCD monitor assembly for the HF10 / HG10 and Vixia HV30 video cameras.