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  • Pentax 76700-0-A413 Battery Contact | Pentax Digital Cameras

    Pentax 76700-0-A413 Battery Contact

    Genuine Pentax replacement battery contact assembly for the K100D and K110D digital camera.  2 pieces required. Made by Pentax Japan.

    This part has been discontinued by Pentax and is no longer in stock. We have no source at this time.

  • Canon CB3-3149 LCD Window | Rebel XTi | EOS 400D

    Canon CB3-3149 LCD Window

    Genuine Canon replacement TFT LCD window for the EOS Rebel XTi. This part has been discontinued by Canon Japan.

  • Canon CY1-6177 AW-WP O-Ring | WPDC1 | WPDC6 | WPDC16 | WPDC35 | WPDC38 | WPDC600 | WPDC800

    Canon CY1-6177 AW-WP O-Ring

    Genuine Canon “O” Ring for the WPDC1, WPDC6,  WPDC16, WPDC35, WPDC38, WPDC600, and the WPDC800 underwater housings.  Made by Canon Japan.


    This genuine Canon part has been discontinued and no longer available.  We found a replacement part that fits like the original, here.

  • Manfrotto r714,14 Collar Kit Assembly | 276 | 276B | 290BWB | 290NAT3 | 328-2-5 | 328-4-0 | 328-7-5 | 559B | 676B | 719B | 724B | 725B | 728B | 728NAT3

    Manfrotto R714,14 Collar Kit

    Genuine Manfrotto replacement assembly collar kit D=28, for the 276, 276B, 290BWB, 290NAT3, 328-2-5, 328-4-0, 328-7-5, 559B, 676B, 719B, 724B, 725B, 728B, and the 728NAT3 .  This collar  assembly is no longer available from Manfrotto.

  • Olympus VY1924 Battery Cover Black | Stylus-9000 | u-9000

    Olympus VY1924 Battery Cover

    Genuine Olympus replacement black battery cover for the Stylus 9000 digital camera. This part has been discontinued by Olympus Japan. No longer available.

  • Canon Lens Hood Assembly D52-0380

    Canon Lens Hood Assembly D52-0380

    Genuine Canon replacement lens hood assembly for the HF G20 / Vixia HF G30 / XH A1 / XH G1 / XA 20 and XA 25 video cameras. Sold exactly as pictured. Made by Canon China. Currently not available.

  • Pentax 65863-Y004 Wide Panel AF360 FGZ

    Pentax 65683-Y004 Wide Panel

    Genuine Pentax replacement wide angle panel for the AF360 FGZ flash unit. Discontinued by Pentax Japan, 0 stock is no longer available.

  • SLIK U5000 Camera Platform Assembly

    SLIK U5000 Camera Platform Assembly

    Genuine Slik replacement camera platform assembly for the U5000. This is discontinued.

  • Rollei TLR Left Strap Holder 7000.37.2

    Rollei TLR Left Strap Holder 7000.37.2

    Genuine Rollei replacement left strap holder for the Rollei TLR.  This is Rollei part # 7000.37.2. Old stock. We bought all the parts from the closing Rollei service center of Englewood Colorado in 1984. These parts came from the drawers of loose parts at all the tech benches. Most show some marks from being loose in a drawer in constant contact with other parts. This part is used together with this 7391.01.1.