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Replacement Parts for Minolta Film and Digital Cameras


Minolta LF-242 Lens Cap for Dimage Z1 / Z2
Minolta LF-1249 Lens Cap 49mm
Minolta LF-1349 Lens Cap 49mm
Minolta LF-1155 Lens Cap 55mm

EC1000 Eyecup
SC1000 Accessory Shoe Cap

Digital Camera Parts / Accessories

Dimage 5 / 7 / 7i / 7Hi
Dimage A1

USB-100 USB Cable
USB-200 USB Cable
USB-500 USB Cable
Dimage 2300 Battery Cover

Dimage E323 Battery Cover

Dimage F100 Battery Cover
Dimage F300 Battery Cover
Dimage S414 Battery Cover
Dimage X
Dimage Z1 / Z2

Dimage Z3 / Z5

Film Camera Parts

Light Seal Kits - All Models

70C QD Cover
90C Back Cover
90 EX
AF10R QD Rear Cover
AF Tele
Freedom Zoom 130 Rear Cover Assembly
Maxxum 3 / 4 / 5
Maxxum 300si / 400si / 500si
Maxxum 350si / 450si / 550si
Maxxum 600si Battery Cover
Maxxum 70 Battery Cover
Maxxum 700si Battery Cover
Maxxum 7000
Maxxum 9000 Battery Holder
Maxxum 800si Battery Cover
Maxxum HTsi
Maxxum QTs
Maxxum STsi
Maxxum XTsi
Reflector Dome for All Minolta Light Meters

SRT Series
Vectis Cameras
XG Series
X370 / X570


Flash Parts

280 PX
360 PX Flash Shoe Foot
360 PX Flash Shoe Assembly
1800 AF Flash Shoe
2000xi Flash Shoe
2800 Flash Shoe

4000 AF Flash Shoe
3200i Flash Shoe
3200i Battery Cover
5200i / 5400HS Flash Shoe

5600HS / 5600 HS D Flash Shoe Assembly1



800 SI Battery Cover

XD 11 Take Up Spool


Dimage X Battery Cover


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